You control the ship typically with the left thumb. Pressing anywhere on the left half of the screen makes your ship go up, otherwise your ship falls. You go up at the same rate as you fall. If you lightly tap your thumb, you can achieve a state of hovering where your ships stays in basically the same place.


Accuracy is highly confusing in Turbospace. It can be better thought of as "efficiency". It is calculated by the number of shots you fire divided by the number of things you destroy. To get a higher accuracy, you should let things crash into each other and destroy themselves without you firing.


There is no pause button in Turbospace. There is, however, a secret pause button. If you hit the home button, it will pause the game, but you risk it quitting out if you leave it like that for a few hours.


Objects in this game warp in certain ways. Everything except for the player's lasers warps from top to bottom and from bottom to top. Enemies and asteroids warp from back to front. Enemies and asteroids do not warp from front to back, however. Instead, they bounce off an offscreen wall and come back at the player.


Main Cubes Edit

These are the main enemies of the game. The face that faces the player has a colored outline and a white center. They come out in formations of seven at a time. The first wave comes straight at you, and then the subsequent waves go off and random angles. They shoot lasers at the player that don't do anything. They take two shots to kill, or can be destroyed by colliding with other enemies or asteroids. Each wave has a few more enemies than the one before it.

Sine Wave Cubes Edit

These enemies are the ones with a solid color face facing the player. They are just like the other enemies, except they move in a sine wave pattern. Even when they are hit and spinning through space, they still move with the rest of the enemies, like objects in a current. They come out on waves that are divisible by five.

Asteroids Edit

Asteroids come out on waves that are multiples of three. Wave three has one asteroid, wave six has two asteroids, wave nine has three asteroids, and so on. Asteroids take a few hits to destroy. A big asteroid will split into two medium asteroids, and each medium asteroid will split into two baby asteroids. Each one of those counts as "destroying an asteroid", so to completely eradicate an asteroid is actually to destroy seven asteroids.

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